CONNECTIVITY. A word that governs the world we live in and yet one that can be pretty scary for many. What happened to the days when you did all your banking in an actual bank, shopping in an actual store, talking to people in person. It all seems to have become a foreign way of doing things these days and for a lot of us it is not a welcome change. Especially when life throws you a curve ball and all of a sudden you are on your own and at a loss.
Yet it is change we need to embrace and learn to enjoy even. Whether it’s professional or personal dialogue, it all seems to happen via the internet and for that we need to understand how to use technology. Yes, technology, something we could quite happily by pass in days of old but have no choice but to use now. I used to be such a luddite but not any more. It was hard at first but now I feel I’m keeping up and that’s very liberating.
Emails, websites, hosting, servers, networks ….arrrrgh. It can be a minefield and in all honesty, quite intimidating to many. I can’t tell you the amount of times I have visited my parents who work from home (who doesn’t these days!) only to hear a constant barrage of verbal abuse and profanity being directed at their computers. You get the picture!  I swear the frustration they go through on a daily basis is because they don’t know how to access something, change something, order something online or print something out. It’s painful to watch (although quite amusing too …he he). But we need to learn not to be scared. We need to learn that technology CAN be our friend and most importantly that we are not alone in our longing for the old days and how things used to be. Lets take baby steps together.