ERROR….a word that appears on the screen too many times and only leads to a feeling of inadequacy (Why me? Why can’t I figure this out?) and uselessness. We are made to feel incompetent because we can’t do a simple thing, like send an attachment, fill out a form, download photo or share a file. Yup, been there seen that. But know this. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. These are not techy problems unique to you. It may be that for many many years you had someone who was always on hand to sort these things out; like your husband or kids who have all now flown the nest. Suddenly you are alone with no one to physically¬† turn to for help. Funny thing is, you don’t need someone there in person, just someone at the end of the phone. who cares. There are so many services out there that are as good as having someone by your side virtually whenever you need them and you should feel no shame in asking for help.¬† Imagine never having to scream at your screen again! Imagine a life where the simplest thing can stay simple just making a call (or sending an email if you know how to … he he). Don’t struggle or panic, just reach out for help. Even the most successful and savvy people in business don’t deal with the mundane every day frustrations’ associated with technology. So why should you?