Aina Khan OBE – Islamic and Asian Family Law Specialist

Aina Khan OBE is a world-renowned Family Law specialist with over 27 years’ experience and over 5,000 cases.

She provides decisive, speedy, legal settlements and has an unparalleled knowledge of Islamic and Asian family issues. She has for many years had a personally chosen, trusted network of legal experts across Europe, the Middle East, the Far East, South East Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Australia. Aina often appears on media, writes and lectures at UK and International Universities and plays an active part in community affairs.

The court of appeal decision on unregistered marriages was the driver behind Aina’s campaign ‘Register Our Marriage’ which she set up in 2014. Her vision is ‘To see a world where all religious marriages are legally registered’.

Among other things Aina Khan is:

  • Advisor to Government – Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Defence, Home Office, Foreign Office, Department of Communities & Local Government, Parliamentarians
  • Author of “Islamic Alternative Dispute Resolution” for LexisNexis’ Family Law Service
  • Director of ‘Register Our Marriage’
  • Law Society’s Family Law Advanced Panel; Resolution member
  • Married with 2 children

Aina is a different kind of lawyer.  She runs an agile office which suits busy women beautifully:

  • since 2018 her firm has been paperless, so files are entirely confidential
  • her team all work remotely from home or office, whichever is convenient that day
  • meetings take place in her London office, London club or by video
  • clients can contact the firm online, out of hours and from any time zone
  • private hearings are offered by video offering a calmer alternative

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