Erika Uffindell – Equine Facilitated Human Development

Erika is a specialist in Equine Facilitated Human Development.

Her work with clients and horses is designed to help identify personal blocks, expand self-awareness, develop authentic relationships and communication and build greater levels of trust, resilience and self-confidence.

Horses are masters of non- verbal communication and powerful partners in developing emotional intelligence. Their feedback is instant: real time responses that are honest and non-judgemental, Observing and working with horses offers an unrivalled opportunity to learn how to become fully present, develop fundamental relational skills and apply new insights. And the depth and richness of this approach leads to a sense of implicit knowing, creativity, connection, insight, openness and wellbeing.

The work can be a great complement to other coaching activities a client may be undertaking and can be tailored to a client’s needs as either half day or full day sessions.

Erika can work with clients interested in Equine facilitation on a one to one basis or run one day workshops for small groups or teams. She has certifications in Equine Facilitated Human Development, Executive and Systemic Coaching and Organisation Constellations. She is a certified practitioner of Yoga and Mindfulness practice and is trained in a number of psychometric tools including; EBW and SQ21 (Spiritual Intelligence).

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