Laura Slater – Brand reputation specialist

Laura Slater is a specialist crisis and reputation adviser, and ranked in the top 10 worldwide.

Based on what she has seen and heard, it would take a lot to shock her. Laura’s expertise lies in controlling and managing reaction to ‘all levels of issues that arise on a global scale’ ranging from immediate threats such as harassment and blackmail to spiralling press storms and cyber-attacks. She also advises on public perception strategies and risk prevention. ‘I like helping people,’ she says. ‘When a scandal breaks, it puts my brain into a different gear.’

The major challenges facing women of high net worth are cyber security, information leaks, opaque algorithms and fake news. How clients look when they Google themselves dominates reputation management requests. and that’s not looking likely to change. Phone security is another concern – primarily down to devices being compromised or fear of this happening to high profile people due to hacks worldwide.

Laura began her career in the sports and entertainment industries, advising Hollywood stars and international sportspeople on reactive issues. Her speciality has always been to keep a client calm at the height of a crisis whilst mitigating the problem.

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