Matina Agio – Inheritance Management

Matina is dedicated to showing how inheritance is a fluid, dynamic and creative force in our lives, through her signature method – THE INHERITANCE MUSE METHOD ™.

Matina facilitates individuals – often in midlife, to resolve their inheritance-related dilemmas and come to manage their possessions from a deeper perspective. Matina’s clients include art collectors, historic home owners, affluent individuals and family office members around the world.
A parent passing away.  A family house that has to be sold.  An unexpected gift of a valuable art collection.  Tracing the provenance of an heirloom.  The clutter of accumulating belongings.  Separating possessions amongst siblings.  Succession and generational wealth transfer dilemmas.  Life-transitions like midlife, divorce, moving or widowhood.
All these can trigger ethical, emotional and practical issues regarding identity, ownershipinheritance and estate planning.  Matina helps her clients to value, manage and optimise the whole spectrum of their inheritance and leverage it as a positive catalyst in their life.
Matina’s experience of living and working in England, France, Germany, Italy, US, Canada and Greece, allows her to address the needs and varying backgrounds of her clients.

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