Marriage is for life. But sometimes life gets in the way and we can find ourselves going through divorce and sinking under the pressure of all this entails. We feel overwhelmed with the emotional stress and our energy ebbs away. Life would be so much simpler if someone else took over the responsibility of fighting for the right divorce settlement for us. That means we can make plans for the children and parents. We can refocus our energy in staying calm when all around are losing their heads. We can bring a sense of order and shoulder the responsibility of making a new life and future for our family after the fall out and disruption of divorce. The mental, physical, financial and legal challenges have to be dealt with.

On top of all of this is the awful realisation you have to sell the matrimonial home so the funds can be divided between husband and wife as part of the divorce settlement. The place you made for your family and children. So many wonderful memories, parties, family gatherings and where you feel secure, private and safe. Well – stop right there and breathe. There is another way to pay out without having to sell and loose everything you have called home for so long.

Equity release is little known or understood. In brief it is a way of unlocking money from your home for the future you deserve. It can be used to settle a divorce, keep the kids in school, help them with Uni fees, start up your own business, have the trip of a lifetime, after all you are worth it!

Lifetime Mortgages are a popular form of Equity Release which allows you to release tax-free cash from your home without having to sell, give up ownership or move.

Another popular form of equity release is Drawdown Lifetime Mortgage. This provides the flexibility to release cash from your home over time (rather than just a single lump sum) without the need to downsize or give up ownership. The same as with other Equity Release plans, the cash you release is yours to spend as you wish.

A Home Reversion Plan provides an alternative to a Lifetime Mortgage, Drawdown Lifetime Mortgage and Interest only Mortgage. A Home Reversion Plan offers tax-free cash in return for selling part or all of your home.

Now that the world is a different place after divorce, would you like to enjoy the occasional special night out, a short break with the family? Or perhaps you’re looking to treat your kids or grandkids and lift everyone’s spirits. Then the Income Lifetime Mortgage gives you that extra bit of cash each month.

There is plenty of food for thought here. To find out more about how to have peace of mind that your welfare and finances will be taken care of by using your marital home as an asset, without the extra strain, stress or worry for you and your loved ones. Please get in touch and call Chris Prior for a no charge, no hassle, all questions answered consultation. You will be amazed at your choice of options versus selling your home. The ball is in your court no?