Martin Stepek – Mindfulness and Self-Discovery

Mental wellbeing and happiness are central to Martin’s practice in mindfulness and self-discovery.

He has published  six books and numerous articles. He was the UK’s first regular columnist on the subject writing for the Sunday Herald, Scotland’s major newspaper. As well as his own private client work, Martin runs classes in his hometown of Hamilton. It is the largest of it’s kind in Britain with regular attendances of over a hundred.

The practice of mindfulness brings many benefits, including to one’s mental health, intellectual capabilities and quality of human relationships. Martin believes that true mindfulness as a skill and practice has lifted people out of suicidal thinking, depression, chronic anxiety, fraught relationships and financial worries, into a refreshed way of seeing their life open, embracing and giving all at the same time.

As a philosophy, mindfulness is the awareness of the reality that life only exists in the present moment. Developing this skill enables us to notice, then subtly and gently discard negative responses arising in our mind.  These include stress, irritation, hatreds, anger, sadness and grief. The skill also helps us notice the hundreds of everyday things that are precious and beautiful but which we no longer notice at all, bringing back to us a joy of life, a sense of curiosity, and a deepening sense of appreciation and gratitude for all we have, especially for being alive.

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