You never know what’s around the corner

The next phase of your life is what’s important to ensure you once again feel safe, protected and amongst trusted professionals to support and guide you.

We will begin the journey together by listening to your story, unravelling your personal emotional needs as well as your own understanding of your financial situation.

Together we will identify the challenges you face on both levels and develop a plan with you to help you become someone who is confident once again and eager to seize the new opportunities that life throws your way. We will be with you every step of the way.

  • Listen and understand your situation
  • Review your wealth and wellbeing needs
  • Consider timings and complexities to fit in with your life
  • Create and implement a personal plan
  • Make things happen with the right people, tools and expertise
  • Review success and take stock
  • Ongoing support

What’s special about us

We consult on a referral basis from existing clients and trusted advisors and experts we have known and worked with over many years. We do not accept third party management or product commissions; working purely on a retained fee basis, keeping everything simple, transparent and under one roof.

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Plan to build mental strength and confidence, personal safety and practical security.

Your wellbeing review covers:

  • Family and Friends

  • Spiritual

  • Contribution/Goodgiving

  • Husband/Lifepartner

  • Work/Enterprise

  • Hobbies

  • Fitness and Health

  • Aspirations/Purpose

Your financial audit includes:

  • Investments and Loans

  • Banking

  • Property and Real Assets

  • Tax and Legal

  • Security and Protection

  • Financial Planning and Reporting

  • Trusts and Charity

  • Income and Short Term needs

When life throws you lemons, make lemonade