I really enjoyed the Saphora Wellbeing Review process. I was nervous to start off but Anita made it so easy for me to open up. She asked questions that sometimes we never sit back and ask ourselves which was very thought provoking for me. I allowed myself to open up and really think about what is important in my life. The most useful part was being able to focus on my aspirations and purpose in life. It was like a lightbulb moment…. I am now clear on my purpose and have a plan for the coming years on how to achieve my dreams.

It’s a very calming experience, my life is chaotic so the sessions gave me much needed thinking space and clarity. Anita’s encouragement and kind questioning made it easy to open up, express my vulnerability and think differently.

DO IT! Without a doubt. For anyone who feels nervous…. don’t be. Anita is calming and harmonious in her coaching and will put you at ease very quickly. I found I could really dig deep into my inner thoughts. I discovered things about myself in every part of the process. I have clear thoughts about future plans. Anita has given me a comprehensive wellbeing review with a follow up plan. I’m looking forward to commencing the next phase which will clarify thoughts and achieve my ultimate goals.

I would recommend Anita in a heartbeat. Her calming questioning and supporting guidance is very reassuring and really thought provoking and I found it very easy to open up and to trust her. She has a lovely gentle and caring manner which put me at ease very quickly.
For ladies that feel anyway out of control or lost with life and feel something is missing, this Saphora Wellbeing Review is perfect. You will grow as a person, finally work out what in life is important, what parts of your life are fulfilled and what areas of your life need a little encouragement and guidance. Once you have completed the process, it’s wonderful to read the final review document, as it captures your thoughts and gives you clarity for your future aspirations. I promise, this is something you won’t regret doing.