I have had a year of my life turning completely upside down. Experiencing the death of both my parents, getting divorced, seeing my children fly the nest and having to find a new house to live in after the sale of our matrimonial home… it has not been easy. Added to this, we are in the middle of a Covid pandemic and my business in flux as a result. I guess you could say it’s a perfect storm!

But as the amazing Linda Cliatt-Wayman says in her brilliant TED talk, “So what, now what?” And as my inspiration Maya Angelou quoted “If you don’t work, then nothing will”. You can’t argue with that.

Being out there on your own, coming through life trauma and unforeseen challenges, it is important to stop, think, accept your situation and face up to the future. As part of this process for me, I decided to look in the mirror and concentrate on my wellbeing and fitness. First things first, I have decided to ask my GP for a ‘well woman MOT’. With a little research of my own, I’ve found some basics which will form the basis of my questions as to what I could expect to find out about my health, and in turn the diagnostics and therapies I may need to explore:

  1. Get a blood pressure check
  2. Ask for some blood-work to be done (ranging from hormone deficiencies, thyroid diagnosis, and general vitamin deficiency assessment).
  3. Have a colorectal cancer screen (colon cancer is the largest diagnosed cancer in men and women)
  4. Immunisations must be up to date. These include amongst others: Influenza, Pneumococcal, Hepatitis B. Of course now we are vigilant and aware of the strength of our antibodies during the current Covid pandemic.
  5. Look under a microscope to see if you are exposed to skin and mole anomalies. You can never be too sure.
  6. Us girls must have a joint care assessment and this should include an osteoporosis bone density scan. These tests will help make life that little less painful on your joints, and also prevent bone breakages during a fall. It creeps up on us – especially during menopause.
  7. Our eyesight will inevitably worsen as we grow older. Having regular check ups will enable us to monitor things ourselves.

These pointers will see us through menopause, cancer risk, memory loss/brain fog, help us deal with obesity, achy joints, and incontinence. We will be aware of our vitality and zest for life, vision, and vascular health. Three must haves:

  1. Cervical cancer screening – Pelvic exam and Pap smear
  2. Breast cancer screening – Mammogram
  3. Osteoporosis screening

Once we know what’s actually going on in our bodies, we can elect to carry out the proper therapies like, food and nutrition, exercise and relaxation. We can formulate a wellness and fitness regime which will become part of our lifestyle. This is key. And for the first time in your life, IT IS ALL ABOUT YOU.

If you need help with your Wellness Check, contact me today:

Anita Brightley-Hodges
Founder, Saphora Private