Why choose us?

Our vision is to help you feel safe and to bring order, efficiency and effectiveness into your life. We aim to do this by delivering the highest quality service with the utmost discretion, skill and sensitivity.

Our goal is to give you the mental strength and greater confidence to move forward with your life.

What is different about us?

Founder Anita Brightley-Hodges recognised a gaping need for women of significant wealth. They have exceptional challenges and issues born from life changing events that happen out of the blue; often without warning; invariably having to face up to them  ill prepared and on their own. Whilst still having to maintain dignity and courage during these times of trauma, it is essential to be able to breathe, take a moment of calm and to fully  appreciate the importance of balancing wealth with wellbeing for the future health of the family eco system. Life’s essentials now include security, protection, financial knowledge, empowerment, physical health and mental strength; hope and a positive outlook, like never before. Anita’s own life experiences enables her to empathise with many and varying scenarios.  She has defined FIVE SIGNIFICANT AREAS OF TRAUMA that face women in their lives:

  1. Divorce
  2. Death of a husband
  3. Early onset illness of a husband or life threatening accident
  4. Succession to a family business(es)
  5. Inheritance of a fortune
How we can help you

Take time to think

We don’t have the answers to everything, but we do know that in order to move forward in any direction, it takes time. There needs to be an opportunity to breathe and step back despite the urgent needs of those around you. Time to think things through. WOMEN’S WEALTH and WELLBEING go hand in hand when facing the future. Our aim is to listen, empathise, validate and together with our years of life experience and expertise we will enable you to plan this next phase of your life – help you on your way with confidence, gratitude, fearlessness, knowledge and to create a new purpose for you and your family. Life will never be the same, but it is a gift – new and wonderful things are waiting around the corner:
How we can help you

We are focused on providing you with personal, confidential and discreet services

  • support

  • confidence

  • peace of mind

  • knowledge

  • clear informed decision making & control